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Astronauts discuss ways to cope with anxiety, loneliness

Oct. 13 – Americans are working to cope with the loneliness that accompanies the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. This

USA Today article

turned to experts at figuring out how to endure anxiety, loneliness and social separation safely and sanely – astronauts.

Staying sane on the mission to Mars

Oct. 26, 2020 – As featured on

MedCity News

, Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D., discusses what it will take to get humans to Mars, safe and sane.

TRISH supports postdocs with ‘Go for Launch’ program

Nov. 10 – TRISH launched the ‘Go for Launch’ program to provide funding opportunities to third-year fellows while they job search during the pandemic. Read TRISH’s letter to the editor on



Spaceflight does some weird things to astronauts’ bodies

Nov. 25 – Jeff Sutton, a member of TRISH’s board of directors, weighs in on the good, the bad and the inexplicable biological changes that occur in all astronauts during spaceflight in this MIT Technology Review



TRISH releases BRASH 2101 solicitation

Oct. 23 – TRISH’s BRASH solicitation,

released today

, seeks novel research and multi-disciplinary approaches to reduce health risks for Mars explorers through manipulation of human metabolism and homeostasis at the cellular or whole organism level. Step-1 proposals are due Dec. 21, 2020 by 5 p.m. EST.

Space is dangerous, especially when you can’t call home for help

Oct. 22 – TRISH’s Deputy Chief Scientist Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta spoke to

Science News for Students

about the dangerous health concerns that face those brave enough to undertake the first mission to Mars.

“Far From Home” Storyteller event features astronauts, TRISH staff

Oct. 22 – TRISH director Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D and deputy chief scientist Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta participated in

USA Today’s Storytellers Project

event alongside astronauts Nicole Stott, Cady Coleman and David Hilmers. The virtual event shared stories from space explorers and scientists preparing for the mission to Mars, and what they learned about loneliness and isolation from space. Donoviel did a Q&A about how to apply the lessons from space to coping during the pandemic.

Watch the show here.

Houston virtual reality company Z3VR says TRISH funding “means the world”

Oct. 14 – Z3VR spoke to

Innovation Map

about designing behavioral health solutions for astronauts. The company recently received a TRISH industry grant.

USA Today talks with TRISH director on top five tips to combat anxiety, loneliness

Oct. 13 – TRISH director Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D spoke with

USA Today

about top tips for fighting anxiety and loneliness while socially distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TRISH deputy chief scientist discusses space medicine on medical podcast

Oct. 9 – Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta talked about the unique challenges of space medicine on the


healthcare podcast.

TRISH Chief Scientist gives lecture on deep space health risks

Oct. 8 – Kristin Fabre, Ph.D gave a lecture on the risks and hazards of deep space exploration as part of Carnegie Mellon’s

Challenging Boundaries

Fall Seminar Series.

TRISH director joins “Above and Beyond for Women” panel

Oct. 8 – Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D was featured as one of three speakers at the Ellevate Houston

Above and Beyond for Women

panel. She joined NASA flight surgeon Dr. Moriah Thompson and NASA chief scientist Dr. Julie Robinson.

Researchers studying faster diagnosis, treatment of brain injuries, with TRISH funding

Oct. 1 – UTHealth researchers, funded by TRISH, are investigating using artificial intelligence and retinal cameras to diagnose strokes without the need for a MRI or CT scan. Their research was

recently featured

on UTHealth News.

New rapid detection sensor for COVID-19 comes from TRISH funding

Oct. 1 – Caltech researchers, with TRISH funding,  have developed a

new type of COVID-19 test

that could enable at-home diagnosis in less than 10 minutes. The researchers hope to start testing hospitalized COVID-19 patients soon.

What NASA can teach us about social isolation

Sept. 23 – How do we combat loneliness and social isolation when physical distancing is critical? The ”

Creating a New Healthcare

” podcast featured TRISH’s Gary Strangman, Ph.D. and how findings from space missions drive solutions for all.

Three innovative companies selected to guard the mind of Mars explorers

Sept. 23 – TRISH awarded Z3VR, Ejenta and Holobiome grants to advance their innovative behavioral health technologies to address the needs of future long-duration space missions. Read the



TRISH awards grants to mitigate the effects of space radiation

Sept. 18 – TRISH has selected five research teams to advance the study of space radiation using human tissue/organ models. Read the

press release


Wisdom From The Women Leading The Space Industry

Aug. 16 – TRISH Director Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D was interviewed for Authority Magazine’s series “

Women Leading The Space Industry

.”  Dr. Donoviel candidly gives her perspectives about the most exciting aspects the space industry, the changes and challenges needed regarding women in STEM, five leadership lessons, and more.

Incredible, radiation-fighting duckweed

July 14 – TRISH PI Barbara Demmig-Adams from the University of Colorado Boulder shared her work to optimize duckweed for use in spaceflight, where space, resources and fresh food are limited. Read the research brief in

The Conversation


Drugs in Space

July 9 – Dr. Emmanuel Urquieta spoke to

The Pharmaceutical Journal

about the pharmacy orbiting the Earth, and how pharmaceutical solutions being developed for astronauts can have implications for drug delivery at home.

University of Hawaii grad earns TRISH fellowship

July 7 – The University of Hawaii News shared an interview with new TRISH postdoc, Arif Rahman.

TRISH awards postdoctoral fellowships

July 1 – TRISH announced five postdoctoral fellows selected to advance research in space translatable life science. Read the

press release


Coronavirus hasn’t hit space — yet

May 27 – Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D spoke to


about COVID-19 and implications for health in space.

#FarFromAlone Campaign Kickoff

May 10 – TRISH joins partners Humana, Papa, and Uber Health

to announce

“Far From Alone” public health awareness campaign to promote understanding of loneliness and social isolation.

Houston: We Are On A Podcast

May 8 – TRISH director Dorit Donoviel and TRISH Chief Scientist Kristin Fabre talked innovations for Mars with NASA’s

Houston We Have a Podcast


Space Health Assists in COVID-19

April 20 – The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge challenge for health professionals everywhere. TRISH-funded advances for space health are proving to be useful during this crisis.

Read the news release.

Chat with a Space Scientist

March 31 – Schools are moving to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. TRISH is here to help with its weekly 30-minute Live On (the way to) Mars interactive talks.

Learn more.

Detecting Stress Through Your Sweat

Feb. 26 – TRISH funded researcher Wei Gao is taking his research on sweat sensors used to detect stress and developing it to monitor stress and anxiety in space explorers. From

Caltech News.

Video Games Reshape How We Think Of Life After Earth

Feb. 25 –


featured TRISH partner Level Ex and how it’s using video game technology to help assist astronauts properly diagnosis conditions in space.

Livestream of 2020 NASA Human Research Program’s Investigators’ Workshop

Jan. 28 – TRISH live-streamed the plenary sessions of the 2020 HRP IWS, held Jan. 27-30 in Galveston, Texas. Watch

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Thought Leadership in Space Health

Jan. 26 –

Authority magazine

interviewed TRISH director Dorit Donoviel on being a thought leader in the space medicine industry.

The Future of Making Drugs In Space

Jan. 23 – TRISH Deputy Chief Scientist Emmanuel Urquieta spoke with

Pharma Technology Focus

on how TRISH-funded research will allow drugs to be manufactured in space.

Innovating in Space City

Jan. 15 – The

Houston Innovators podcast

hosted TRISH director Dorit Donoviel for a discussion on how the Institute takes risk to advance space medicine.

Video Game Tech Helps Doctors Work

Jan. 9 –

The Washington Post

spoke to TRISH-funded partner Level Ex on how its video game simulation can help keep astronauts healthy on long space journeys.

TRISH Seeks Space Radiation Research Proposals

Jan. 8 – The Institute released a new funding initiative supporting research advances in the study of space radiation and is seeking countermeasures for deep space exploration. Find the

solicitation here

. Read the

news release here


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