How to Write Press Releases With 21 Examples and 7 Templates

Theatre B Boiler Plate Example:

The purpose of Theatre B[18] is to invigorate civic conversation through intimate and transformative story-telling. Since 2003, the Ensemble and guest artists of Theatre B have brought to life a wide variety of the latest award winning plays and bold new works. Theatre B prides itself on removing barriers between actor and audience, creatively using space and intimate storytelling to intensify the audience experience. Theatre B productions are timely and relevant, inspiring a sense of community, engaging conversation, and prompting viewers to contemplate the stories long after they have left the theatre.

When Should You Send Your Press Releases?

Sending your press release at the right time is crucial to help get the release you wrote the maximum amount of exposure. The most important stories get sent early in the week, while stories companies want buried usually goes out on a Friday afternoon (don’t do this). Editors typically assign stories early in the week, so aim for Tuesday, beating the Monday rush while still getting in front of them at a good time:

Best Days and Times to Send Press Releases


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How Should You Distribute Your Press Releases?

You’ve now written a perfect press release. Now, it’s time to make sure it gets read. This will most likely entail:

  1. Pitching your story directly to a few carefully selected editors. Editors like having exclusives. If your story is perfect for one particular publication, consider offering it to them alone.
  2. Blasting it out using a wire services. This way, it can get picked up by tons of different outlets.

Or, you might do both. Services such as Cision[20] make it easy to find reporters and deliver press releases en masse.

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