How to Write Press Releases With 21 Examples and 7 Templates

Why This Works:

  • The name and title of the new hire are in the headline.
  • It contains a quote from the new hire.
  • It explains the new duties and jobs that the new hire will take on.

Research Press Release Example from The Hormel Institute

Why This Works:

  • It includes the research team that discovered the breakthrough.
  • It explains the background of the research and how it got started.
  • It also explains what disease the research is helping cure.

Five Basic Press Release Writing Tips and Best Practices

Now that you’ve got a solid template to follow here are five tips to help you create a valid press release.

1. Think Like A Journalist

If you’re writing a press release to send to a journalist you need to think (and write) like a journalist. You need to be able to pitch a story that captures the attention of the journalist you’re pitching to. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make the information they need easy to find. Don’t bury the lead for your reader. Tell them upfront what the purpose of your press release is.
  • Keep your press release short and sweet. Your journalist is busy, don’t waste their time with fluff.
  • Don’t overdo it. Everyone’s organization has the best event, the best new product the best whatever it happens to be. Just don’t start your press releases with that kind of clichés.

2. Make Sure Your Story Has Value to a Publication’s Audience

If you’re a software company sending a press release to a publication that writes about pick up trucks, why would they run a story about your organization?

When determining where to pitch your story, ensure that:

  • Their readership or viewership aligns with your target audience. Do both your audiences care about the same things?
  • Their coverage area aligns with your product or service. Will the publication care about your company?

You can do this by reading a few issues of a physical publication, or by spending some time on their website.

3. Follow the Inverted Pyramid

This format entails putting your most important information first. Follow this visual guide:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11