How to Write Press Releases With 21 Examples and 7 Templates

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What Information and Content Should a Release Include?

Here’s what you should include in your press releases:

  • Headline: Be sure to make it clear why your story is interesting and important.
  • Press Contact: How can the media get in touch with you?
  • City, State, Location: Where are you, and where is your news happening?
  • Body copy: Order information by level of importance.
  • Boiler Plate: What’s your organization all about?

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What is the Best Way to Format Your Press Release?

Press releases generally follow a familiar format. By keeping your formatting consistent, reporters will always know where to look, for which information. So, what does a formatted press release look like?How to Craft the Perfect Press Release

Looking for a more simple press release outline you can format yourself? Copy and paste this outline into any word processor:

For Immediate Release
Name of Press Contact:


Summary Bullet Point One
Summary Bullet Point Two
Summary Bullet Point Three

[CITY], [STATE] – Introductory Paragraph


[Second Paragraph]

[Third Paragraph]


Closing Paragraph


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Five Different Types of Releases (And Why They Work)

If you’re stuck with a bit of writer’s block here are five press release examples to help inspire you.

1. Apple Product Launch Press Release:

Why This Works:

  • Apple goes in depth describing the new model of the iMac.
  • They highlight the different features of the product and point out the improvements.
  • They include images that highlight the new design of their product.

2. Thrill of the Hunt Event Press Release Example:

News Release Example From CNN

Why This Works:

  • The title explains what’s happening.
  • It explains the when the event will begin and end as well as what is supposed to happen throughout the night.
  • It’s short and concise.

New Hire Press Release From EverBlue Training

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