7 Examples of Successful Press Release Boilerplates

5. Data-driven

Farmers Insurancehttp://prn.to/2zM11Wi[11][12]

Farmers Insurance stays true to character by focusing on the numbers. Like a serious insurance adjuster, they look to the data to guide them. If they want readers to consider them the serious player that they are in the insurance space, they’re going to back up that claim with stats on how many customers, policies, employees they have, as well as their financial ranking.

6. The Non-Boilerplate Boilerplate

Popbar: http://prn.to/2gPWkTR[13][14] 

Like a melty popsicle on a hot summer day, Popbar’s “About Us” section comes at you fast. Rather than announcing “About Popbar,” they work their company summary into the release itself, with a simple, “Popbar is a perfect treat for anyone…” Also staying true to their brand, they keep their boilerplate light and sweet – with fun lingo that celebrates all the ways and places people enjoy their snack. And of course being as Instagram-worthy as they are, they work in their social presence too.

7. The “It’s Not About Me”

General Mills[15]: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/80872242-general-mills-you-grow-girl/[16] 

For some types of corporate social responsibility news, no boilerplate is the right choice. This release from General Mills isn’t really about them – it’s about one of their community programs, to amplify and enable female farmers. So General Mills gracefully steps aside in order to highlight these inspiring women.

You can’t go wrong with an informative, engaging boilerplate that connects with your new and existing followers on an authentic level. Decide which type best matches your company’s voice and tone, and your boilerplate will be more than just a throwaway for interested audiences.

Quick & Easy Guide to Sharing Your Press Release

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