15 Best Press Release Examples by Type (& Why They Work)

The story is clearly positioned as newsworthy when it states that Chick-fil-A is the largest quick-serve brand to sell only no-antibiotics-ever chicken. Then, by revealing the move was a direct result of their customers requesting it, the press release also tells journalists that their target audiences have already expressed an interest in the story by filling out a survey to express their outcome preferences and so will want to follow the company’s response.

Award Press Release Examples

11. NASA

NASA’s press release impressively includes all the bells and whistles to make exploring the discussed news topic captivating. A high-resolution image lines the top of the release, pulling readers in before the title is even read. Next, the title highlights the feel-good newsworthy angle of the release: a school-aged child, Alexander Mather, was awarded the honor of naming NASA’s next Mars Rover.

Next, journalists get to hear from those involved in selecting the name, including the young space enthusiast himself, with a two-minute interview in high-resolution video form. Quotes sprinkled throughout offer a behind-the-scenes look into the selection process. Journalists are further told that Alex will be present for the launch of the Mars Rover, giving them a reason to continue following the story. Finally, CTA links provide ways journalists can follow the story, learn the history of the Mars Rover, and learn of future events around it.

12. Michaels

Michaels’ vendor recognition press release offers a well-rounded story for journalists by including quotes from both Michaels’ Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Trend and the Director of Sales of the recognized vendor brand. Elements within this press release are designed to induce lots of engagement with the story and the brand, including instant-Tweet opportunities and a call to action asking readers to visit the company’s website or download their app.

What uniquely positions this press release are all the social media elements it includes. A key quote is blocked and offers a “Tweet this” button so readers can instantly start spreading the word about their news. Further, linked images of Michaels’ social media announcement of the news are included. When clicked, readers are taken directly to the Twitter platform and the tweet the company shared, making it incredibly easy for readers to engage by sharing, reacting to, or commenting on the Twitter announcement.

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